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Ultrapulse Encore


UltraPulse® Encore TM CO2 Laser Minimizes Fine Lines, Reveals Younger Looking Skin with Less Down Time

Millions of Americans seek relief from the effects of an aging complexion: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone. However, for today's more active population, the prolonged healing time involved with conventional laser or face-lift surgery is not appropriate. For patients seeking a less invasive and highly effective skin rejuvenation treatment, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, LTD., now introduces the UltraPulse Encore, a skin resurfacing laser featuring a unique CO2 LiteTM setting that treats fine lines and mild pigment disorders with only one pass, for a faster recovery.

"Today mild to moderate flaws are being treated more gently with lasers, providing the benefits of advanced technology without the prolonged healing times often associated with older, more traditional treatments," says Robert Adrian, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown University Medical Center and Director, Center for Laser Surgery, Washington DC. With a single pass of the laser beam, the UltraPulse Encore's special CO2 Lite setting targets and vaporizes water in the cells of the uppermost layer of skin, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin with the added benefit of stimulating collagen growth.

A single treatment with the UltraPulse Encore provides dramatic and immediate results, unlike other non-invasive technologies that treat wrinkles and spots individually or gradually over time. Resurfacing with the UltraPulse Encore does more than soften the appearance of imperfections; it can actually eliminate evidence of sun damage and aging, providing a comprehensive and long- lasting approach.

Patients are seeing numerous improvements in the quality of their skin with less down time, and excellent results. The beauty of this technology can achieve a refreshed, youthful looking face with less cost, risk and recovery time than conventional cosmetic surgery or deep laser resurfacing.

UltraPulse Encore featuring CO2 Lite was developed in response to a growing trend toward less invasive resurfacing procedures. The UltraPulse Encore is the first new CO2 laser to be introduced by Lumenis Ltd. since the introduction seven years ago of the UltraPulse 5000C, widely regarded in the industry as the gold standard for laser facial resurfacing.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons, LTD. specialize in UltraPulse Encore Laser Resurfacing with the credentials, qualifications and training in this technique, backed by their years of practice.

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